adidas hypeeeeeee.
This guy is such a legend it’s unreal.
the fucks with me hand?
Hmmm… looks familiar..
Bamba! :)
Pure Love.

So, this month i bought tickets to see 5 Pure Love gigs.. Cambridge, York, Norwich, Brighton and Bedford. I’ve seen them twice before and loved every second of their performance, they put on what has to be one of the best live shows ever.

Anyway, come the third gig, Norwich, Frank and Jim noticed that i’d been to a few gigs and I told them i was going to come to the London gig, but couldn’t as i am only 16 and the venue was and 18+. This said, they told me if I wanted to come down, i could and they’d put me on the guestlist, not only for the London gig, but the rest of the tour!

When I got to the Xoyo club in London I couldn’t get in, but luckily just as i was about to give in and leave, Frank and Jimmy came out. Frank then started claiming i was his sister and he’d never had problems with letting family into shows etc. After about 5 minutes i was in, and i am SO glad i did, this has easily been the best Pure Love gig i’ve been to, to date. To top it off, i got a shout out and when i came to pay for the merch i got, Jimmy gave me it free, along with 45 badges and a Pure Love bag!

Now am i not only going to Cambridge, York, Norwich, Brighton and Bedford, i’m also going/been to London, Southampton and Birmingham, free!

Frank Carter and Jimmy Carroll are EASILY some of the nicest, most decent guys i have ever had to pleasure to meet. They’d do anything for their fans and genuinely appreciate all their support. You can tell how much they love being together as a band and how happy Frank has become just by watching their electrifying performances.

I’d GLADLY pay for these other gigs i am now fortunate enough to be guestlisted for, infact i was going to, it was just the uncertanity of being able to get there etc.

I’m probably just talking a load of shit and no-one will pay attention but i’ve had one of the best months ever and i cannot begin to thank Frank and Jim enough for all they’ve done. They really are such lovely guys.

If you haven’t seen Pure Love live yet, i suggest you do. Not only is the music amazing, they put on such an ore inspiring show which genuinely never fails to please.

If you haven’t bought the album yet, you really should. For just £8 you get 11 tracks, all brilliant in their own way.

My two babies :)
Sebastian and I are cute.
Sleepy Sebastian!
Sebastian :)
Meet Sebastian! :)

going to collect Sebastian the pug soon.. too excited! :D eeeek!


This is why I have always wanted a pug. They live the pug life.